Graphic Design

“What size should my letters be on a sign?” This is a common question, so we thought we’d take a deep dive into sign letter height visibility. Signage plays a key role in attracting new customers and potential clients to your business. Hence, it’s so important that your signs can be easily read, even at […]

Here are 20 free fonts for commercial use. Learn where you can get free fonts. How can you tell if a font is free to use? What’s the difference between a typeface and a font? Learn the answers and discover some of our favorite typefaces. Where can I get free fonts? There are a lot […]

Which is better, CMYK or RGB, for printing? This is one of the most common questions that we receive here at VisualPro. It’s an excellent question to ask in the designing and printing process. In this post we will discuss the following: What is CMYK?What is RGB?Is CMYK better than RGB?Why does CMYK look different […]

It’s vital to have a conversation about social distancing in the office. So much has changed as more employees are returning to work during the COVID-19 epidemic. The workplace has become a completely different environment. Safety measures and social distancing have become normal. Employers must do everything in their power to keep their employees safe […]

Printed window films can be an effective way to infuse color and design into otherwise plain glass windows, partitions, and doors. In addition to their aesthetic appeal, printed films can also be used to add privacy, control light, improve way-finding, and more. There are a few things to consider when specifying window film, and understanding […]

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