Create A Safe Work Space With Signage

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Directional floor decals are a great way to help your employees keep social distancing in mind. Studies have shown that visual reminders can be very effective as a memory aid.

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Additionally, with all of the constant news reporting, it is easy to get COVID-19 fatigue. To reduce this, installing floor decals and other directional signage can be a more subtle form of communication. It’s a great way to encourage your employees to continue observing social distancing protocols without constant verbal reminders.
Since most offices were not created with social distancing as a priority, directional signage can establish visual one-way traffic cues. They can also remind employees to be aware of each other and to avoid collisions. Your signage could also include indicating entrances and exits. Some offices have had to change these to accommodate the new social distancing guidelines.
Floor decals can include a little humor too!




Installing cleanliness signage can provide a vital reminder for your employees. Granted, they are probably washing their hands more than ever. However, the signage can also include reminders to use hand sanitizer before entering, to wash hands thoroughly, and clean the kitchen after use. You might even need a lobby closure sign for your customers to observe.

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Be mindful of the fact that all of the hygienic practices may be new to many employees. However, it is important that employees understand that maintaining cleanliness during COVID-19 is essential. It can help to reduce the spread and keep your business open. With new protocols being mandatory, clear visual reminders can be very helpful.
Another type of cleanliness signage that has become essential are reminders about wiping down work stations and computers. Having clear signage with this reminder can help your employees to establish this as a routine.




Just a few months ago, the expression ‘social distancing’ was not a part of our daily vocabulary. Now, it’s the norm. We are seeing social distancing signage everywhere: grocery stores, at banks, and in public places.

So much has changed as more employees are returning to work during the COVID-19 pandemic. The workplace has become a completely different environment, with safety measures and social distancing becoming the norm. Employers must do everything in their power to keep their employees safe and healthy. This might not have been a priority in the past, but COVID-19 has created new opportunities to explore employee safety.




These safety barrier sneeze guards will protect employees and customers. The high-quality acrylic is optically clear and offers a protective physical barrier for your employees and customers.



This clear acrylic material gives maximum visibility and prevents exposure to droplets. Barriers provide protection from airborne contaminants for both the customer, patient, and employee.
Designed to include an area with a functional pass-through window, making transactions and interactions as seamless as possible.
Freestanding unit is easy to move and position on a variety of countertops and desks without surface damage.

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