Produced By VisualPro

Alan L.
Frame, DDS


What The Client Wanted

Dr. Frame’s busy Santa Clarea dental office was in need of an upgrade and we were happy to oblige. They wanted to add a touch of privacy while highlighting their classic branding throughout the facility. This is an elegant space and the details had to compliment. Like many office spaces, introducing branding adds a subtle reminder of location while also adding a layer of privacy. 

How We Made It

By using decorative frosted window film as our medium, we were able to transfer both their branding, tagline, and the doctor’s name to various windows and doors throughout the office. The end result is as sophisticated as the office space (and the friendly staff) itself. The effects are subtle and yet very potent. It’s a welcomed way to enhance an office space. Decorative frosted film is an excellent medium in the hands of a skilled production and design team.

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