Produced By VisualPro

Custom Graphics
for Hotel VIA
San Francisco


What The Client Wanted

Hotel VIA is an independent boutique hotel offering a truly unique guest experience in one of the world’s most unique cities. Recently Hotel Via in San Francisco, CA was featured on The Real Housewives of Atlanta and turned Hotel VIA on its head when they came for a weekend getaway.

VisualPro was able to help create and produce a custom backlit graphic using our digitally printed window films in the Hotel’s City Room. A room designed as a vibrant neighborhood environment for guests to start their day. 

How We Made It

The process of creating this graphic wall was not simple. We needed to produce several mock-up prints to check for one, color and second, we need to flood fill the entire image with white ink in order to allow the proper amount of light through the graphic. The designer didn’t want to wash out the colors of the images or have the image appear too dark with the specified led lights backing the image.

Once the final image color and ink densities were determined we produce the graphic and prepared for the most challenging part, installation. The printed window film was applied to the back of the glass so the Hotel will never have to worry about guests damaging the image, however, this made installation difficult as all the glass pieces had to laid out in reverse for installation. The installation of the printed graphic film had to be perfect as once the glass was positioned into place there was no access to the graphic. The results speak for themselves.

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